About Me

Hello my name is Roxanne. I’m a truck driver and team with my husband, Howard, who is also my trainer. He has thirty eight years of experience and I have five years.  I received a certificate and my CDL license from Celadon Driving Academy.  It took some time for him to adjust from solo to team.  He wasn’t used to sleeping while the truck was moving. For me no adjustment was needed because I started out with team driving. I had no problem sleeping while in motion. But it did take time for me to be able to drive my whole shift. But with his training and my determination to learn we have overcome many obstacles. Now we have grown to be a pretty good team. We enjoy teaming together. Thank goodness we enjoy each other’s company to be around each 24/7 inside a truck.  Our three babies also travels with us. Hazard, Jack Russell, Stewie and Toby both Chihuahua from the same litter.

We have a flatbed, which I prefer over reefer and dry van.  Reefer is my least favorite.  Flatbed is more physical. Especially when the load requires it to be tarped.  Which is one of the reasons why it’s my favorite.  Exercise is something a truck driver doesn’t get much of unless he/she makes it part of their routine.  Long hours of sitting could lead to health problems. Such as blood clots.  So getting out and stretching is important.  Our three babies also helps us get a little exercise since we have to stop to let them out to do their business.  We usually try to find a spot where they can ran around and play.

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I have discovered that a person, meaning myself, will gain weight driving a truck. Snacking and driving just seem to go together.

We also enjoy stopping at locally owned restaurants. And when they’re good  I post them on Facebook to recommend them.

Taking pictures is another favorite of ours.  We love sunsets and sunrises, things that are unusual. Like this tree we saw in Montana. We had to stop to take a picture of it.

I dreamt of traveling when I was younger but thought about visiting places like Paris, Greece, and such.  Although I would still love to see those places,  I have realized that each state

in the United States has it’s own beauty.  I will be sharing what I see out here on the road as I do my job. I hope people will travel with me.

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