California Dream

Like we promised, our load was delivered on time. We arrived late last night, parked and went to sleep.  The guy woke us up at 7 am to let us know he was ready to unload us.  So now we are heading to Samoa, CA for Monday pick up. We’re traveling on 101 N. The scenery is beautiful. We have been in California several times.  And I didn’t get the chance to see the Pacific Ocean. We would be within 10 miles of it but short on time. Until this morning. My dream of seeing the Pacific came true. It’s so awesome. We live 30 miles away from the Atlantic ocean in Georgia. I have always loved the ocean. It’s like the mountains,  it reminds me of how small I am standing next to it. But how it all works together and compliments each other.  California has mountains, ocean and deserts.  And lots of vineyards. But one thing we haven’t seen on 101 North is a Dollar General.  We shop at Dollar General often to supply of truck with necessary items. Such as Little Debbie, drinks, toys and snacks for our babies. Dollar General is usually on every corner in every town in all the other states we have traveled through.  After riding over 120 miles, we have not seen a DG yet. We have 125 miles to our destination maybe we will find one before we get there.  We have a microwave and a slow cooker in our truck. It makes heating a can of soup or cooking a roast easy. Believe it or not eating at restaurants all the time gets old. We keep food in the truck also for emergencies like bad weather or if we break down in the middle of nowhere.  Plus when we do stop somewhere it has to have truck parking.  So many things truck drivers have to consider before they stop somewhere. We may not see a DG but what we are seeing now is so much better. The redwood trees. They are magnificent. Since it’s getting dark, we decided to park so that we can drive through during the day. Goodnight for now.

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