Christmas Day and Trucking

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First, I would like to say Merry Christmas to everyone.  Especially to the truckers who didn’t make it home. As you can see from the picture taken in a Flying J parking lot, we’re not the only drivers that didn’t make it home. Although we’re on the road today, we have made the best of it. We’re happy that we are together and our family is safe and healthy. Thanks to TA in Barstow, CA we enjoyed a well prepared Christmas dinner.  We didn’t exchange gifts, our choice. But we shared our Christmas Day with lots of love and thankfulness.  We feel blessed to have each other. And our family. We will have Christmas with them once we get home. This Christmas for us has been spent remembering what it is really about.  I have never felt more loved as I do right now. Howard always goes out of his way to make me feel special. And today was no different. We discovered we didn’t need presents to make each other have a Merry Christmas.

I drove this morning and stopped here in Barstow. Howard has hurt his back.  My gift to him was driving so he could rest. I have learned one thing while driving. That is I do not like the strictly enforced 55 mph speed limit for trucks in California. It’s makes for a slow and boring trip. It’s like a cruel and unusual punishment. It is so hard to maintain 55 mph. The dare devil in me would slip and go just a tad bit faster. Until this motorcycle I saw in my mirror slipped in behind me. Yes it was CHP. Then he got beside me, then ahead of me as he looked at my tag on the front of the truck. I just knew I was had. He got off the next exit. Since he didn’t motion for me to follow, I didn’t. With a sigh of relief, I set my cruise on 56 and cruised on. Thankful he was in the Christmas Spirit. Merry Christmas. Good night for now.

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