East Coast

  • A few weeks ago I shared our experience of the west coast.  I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures.  Today we are on the east coast.  We delivered a load in Massachusetts.  Now we are heading to New York.  We had a tire on the trailer to blow out last night.  We made it safely to a service area that are available on the pike.  We go inside to McDonald’s and see this on the wall.It’s hard to see in the photo but on this flag is the names of the people who lost their lives on 9/11.  I don’t know about you, but it touched my husband’s and mine hearts. We love our country and our service men and women.  I’m also an United States Air Force veteran.  Something I  am very proud of myself for.  I never was involved in an active war or any terrorist activities but was always aware of how real the possibility of it happening was or is.  Then when 9/11 happened and our country was  living, and still is,the reality of terrorism. Is something to never forget.  Especially, the ones who gave all.  Any time I see things such as the flag on the wall at McDonald’s in New York, I like to share it with you.  Not to bring up bad memories but just to remember as a country should.  This reminds of that town in Ohio we drove through. On every light pole was a different picture of men and women in their military uniform.  Each person was a veteran and that was there way of celebrating their home town veterans and their way of saying Thank You for your service.  And this is my way of saying Thank You each and every one of you for your service. God bless America.  Our military can not be thanked enough.
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