Home for Christmas??

I had planned to be home for Christmas until a load to California was offered to us on Wednesday.  The load had to be picked up by 2:30 that day in Chicago.  We were in Hillsdale, IN delivering when we got the call about going to California.  We accepted the load. One because the guys we work for are super great. They go above and beyond being good to us. And two because I borrowed money from our boss that morning to invest in our business.  A loan that we agreed to pay back by making weekly payments.  But at least it would be paid off quickly.

We made it to the shippers on time.  Even with the Chicago traffic. It was late in the evening by the time we got loaded and tarped the load.  Then we had to stop to get a tire fixed and our truck serviced.   We got rolling around 2 am. Oh yeah, if we don’t make it by Saturday before 11 am, the price paid to the company will be cut almost in half.  Over 2,000 miles from Chicago to Oakland, CA we gave our word it would be on time.

Well it’s Friday evening and just crossed the California state line.  As promised, the load will be delivered on time.  We knew that reloading us might be challenging since it’s the last weekend before Christmas Day.  Our dispatch called us with the good news of having us a load. But we can’t load until Monday morning.  With hopes of loading on Saturday, I called the shipper to ask. But they close on weekends.  Since we live in South Georgia, loading on Saturday would give us plenty of time to make it home for Christmas.  And have time to rest after traveling 2200 miles.


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We can pick up the load as early as 7 am Monday and hopefully be home late Tuesday.  Which means last minute shopping will have to been done on our way home.  I did most of my shopping online but have no idea if it all has arrived.   But I’m not stressed over it because it will all work out. Whatever is meant to be will be.  The family party is noon Christmas Eve at Mom’s. I really hope to make it. We all already decided on not buying gifts. Just fellowship, play games, and stroll down memory lane. Which is always fun to do with siblings. And tell each other’s kids stories about their mom or dad.  I have a sister and two brothers and we all have children. It’s my granddaughters that I don’t want to disappoint and my two daughtersAnyone who has grandchildren knows how special they are. When you have children it’s the greatest love you have ever experienced. Until you have a grandchild or two.  It’s late and I’m tired. Goodnight for now. Say a prayer for us to make it home for Christmas.

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