Homeward Bound

We made our delivery first thing this morning and now we are heading home.  It has rained most of the night and it’s been raining a lot at home. Hopefully, the rain will be gone by the time we get home.  The worst thing about going home is laundry.  I usually try to get it washed the first day I’m home. Because the first day we’re tired from riding and just want to enjoy being home.  Hazard, Stewie and Toby go wild when we get home. They run around the yard a few times and in and out of the house while we unload the truck. They get so excited but when it’s time to leave they make sure they don’t get left.

That is our three babies sleeping under Howard’s feet as he drives us home. I really hope you all enjoy RM Travel Delight and will follow my blog. If you ever see us on the road don’t be shy. Give us a friendly honk or wave. We will be in the red Volvo with NPJ Global on the door. Aka “Big Red”. Or if you are thinking about getting your CDL license and have questions, drop us a line. We don’t mind.  Like I said before, Howard has over thirty eight years of experience and is very knowledgeable about trucking.  I have learned a lot from him. Trust me there is a lot more to trucking than just driving a truck. You have to make sure you’re not overweight.  Not just gross weight but you can only have a certain amount of weight on each axle.  When taking your CDL test, the pre-trip is something you must know how to do. Because it will become a part of your daily routine.  Keeping a log of your hours is also important. A truck driver can only drive eleven hours a day out of a 14 hour day. The other three hours is for on duty loading/unloading.  You definitely don’t want to violate your hours of service.  It doesn’t have to be about trucking to drop us a line. Just say hello or tell me what you think about my blog. Happy New Year.

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