Redwood Tree Forest

The Redwood Forest is totally amazing. There’s something Holy about seeing and riding through the Redwood Tree Forest.  We were starting to wish that we didn’t take the California load. But now, there are no regrets. We feel so blessed to be able to see the beauty of the redwood trees.  My pictures do not do justice. So I also made a few videos.  We never want to forget the peacefulness of this place. Not even the rain could dampen  our mood.  I shared more pictures on Facebook.  I took so many pictures there is no way I could share them all.  Howard has been to California many times throughout his career. But never got to see this part of California. So it was a first time experience for us both and we got to share it together.   We’re just a few miles away from where we load in the morning.  The place where we pick up is right across the street from the Pacific Ocean. I have officially been in the Pacific. The water was freezing cold and so were my feet but not my excitement. Today’s journey has been one of best since I’ve been driving a truck. My husband agrees. On this trip we both got to see something we always wanted to see.  The only other thing we’re having a hard time finding, besides a DG, is a truck stop. And we’re low on fuel. We got a hotel room for the night to keep from idling the truck all night and save the fuel. There’s a family restaurant in the same parking lot called the The Pantry family Restaurant. It’s really good. I had a cheeseburger and he had prime rib sandwich. Both were good. They also serve beer that was ice cold. It was the perfect ending for this day. Now we are cozy in our hotel room, watching movies on TV. A little R and R before we hit the road again.

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