Trucking and Eating Out

Truck drivers eat out often.   Although eating out is enjoyable and gives truckers an opportunity to socialize, it not only gets expensive it gets old.  A 1500 watt inverter, a electric burner, a frying pan, a slow cooker, a refrigerator and a microwave makes it possible for us to cook in our truck.  I have …

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Trucking and Bad Weather

Trucking and bad weather, a combination that does not go well together.  Especially with ice on the roads.  My husband always told me that no one ever learns to drive on ice.  You just learn to slow down or stop if possible.  Every driver is different some are comfortable to continue driving and some are …

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Traveling Team Truckers

Hello my name is Roxanne. I’m a truck driver and team with my husband, Howard, who is also my trainer. He has thirty eight years of experience and I have five years.  I received a certificate and my CDL license from Celadon Driving Academy.  It took some time for him to adjust from solo to …

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