Trucking and Bad Weather

Trucking and bad weather, a combination that does not go well together.  Especially with ice on the roads.  My husband always told me that no one ever learns to drive on ice.  You just learn to slow down or stop if possible.  Every driver is different some are comfortable to continue driving and some are not.  I personally feel much better to let my husband drive in bad weather conditions.  His thirty eight years of experience is much better than my five.  Trucking and bad weather is something every truck driver has to deal with.

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   We have been fortunate  and have missed some of the worst storms just by hours.  Like the one that hit California in December 2019.  Then the tornadoes that hit Louisiana just over a week ago, we missed by a day.     We were not so lucky on the most recent winter storm and are caught in it.  Friday we loaded inside a warehouse in Cicero, IL.  When we entered the warehouse,  it was not snowing. By the time we got loaded and tarp the load this is what it looked like (see picture). Since we do not have to deliver our load until Monday in Bristol, CT and Palmer, MA we are able to take our time.   But as we travel we have seen several accidents due to the icy road conditions.   It’s not that they are bad drivers, it’s just unfortunate accidents.  Trucking and bad weather calls for alertness and being cautious.  One tip my husband gave me is to try not to ride beside another truck or any vehicle for that matter.  That way you have room to go either direction if  you do start sliding from the ice on the road.   Another tip he gave me for trucking and bad weather was to simply slow down and stay alert and be aware of other drivers around me.  Good advice for anyone to follow in bad weather conditions.  



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