Trucking and Eating Out

Truck drivers eat out often.   Although eating out is enjoyable and gives truckers an opportunity to socialize, it not only gets expensive it gets old.  A 1500 watt inverter, a electric burner, a frying pan, a slow cooker, a refrigerator and a microwave makes it possible for us to cook in our truck.  I have fried hamburgers, cooked roast, beef stew and even steak in our truck. We have also enjoyed a good ole can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and sandwiches days we didn’t want to eat out.  When   we do eat out the Iron Skillet which can be found in most TA/Petro’s is one of our favorite places to eat. Most Iron Skillet’s have buffets with a variety of meats and vegetables and soup and salad bar.  Denny’s is another favorite of ours which can be found in some Flying J/Pilot’s.  We like ordering T-Bone steak dinner at Denny’s. It’s always a good choice.  Subway is another choice we choose to go eat.  Places to go to eat out while trucking is limited. Not all restaurants have truck parking. Most truck drivers choose places that are convenient.  Which the most convenient places is whatever is available at truck stops.   Some truck stops have their own deli with chicken wings and pizza which we do occasionally. Especially on days we are in a hurry and not in the mood for a big meal.  We also keep groceries in our truck because you never know what might happen out here on the road.   If the weather is bad and we decide to stop we can stop at a rest area and turn on a movie and have plenty to eat.  There are times we get stuck in traffic for hours or get stuck at a shipper’s waiting to load. But if we do, we have plenty of snacks.

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