Weekend on the Road

Since we knew we weren’t going to make it home for Christmas and we didn’t have to deliver our load until Monday December 30, we took our time driving back from California. It was almost like we were on vacation. We decided not to go home until after we delivered our load in South Carolina. Which isn’t too far from we we live in Georgia. We will be at the receiver’s first thing Monday morning so we should be home by Monday afternoon. We plan to stay home for a few days. Although this trip has been fun we are both ready for some home time.  I miss my girls so much. That’s the hardest part about trucking. Before I decided to become a truck driver I was home and saw my girls everyday. My granddaughters were with me when they weren’t in school. I was around to pick them up if need be.  I was available if my girls needed me. No matter what they might need me for, I was there.  I miss that more than anything. Which now my granddaughters are older and have friends they like to hang out with so Nana isn’t as popular as she use to be. But that’s how life goes. They grow up so fast.  It seems like they are always busy between softball, school, friends and holidays. Which when I’m home I’m usually with them. We’ll go the movies or out to eat or just hang out at their house and watch a movie. Me and my two girls are close they are my best friends. Even though they are ten years apart the also have a close relationship. They both work full time jobs so getting everyone on the same schedule is sometimes a chore but we usually manage it. Like everything else in life, it all works out.


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